St Crispin’s day night ride

Gentlemen in England, now a-bed shall think themselves accursed they did not ride with us upon St Crispin’s day…

Henry V Shakespeare (Well nearly:)

A stunning ride through the night


A stunning cycle ride through the night, past some of London’s most iconic landmarks to collect your personal bottle of unique wine from the new harvest at England’s leading vineyard. After the bright lights of London, we head West on the only day you can cycle backwards in time. This year there will be no moon so you should see stunning views of the starlit skies. The route is long but designed especially for vintage, retro and fixie bikes. (It’s also great for modern bikes and moderately fit riders!) The St Crispin’s Day night ride is a magical and heroic adventure in the making.

Can't wait until October?

If you can’t wait until October and love to ride under the light of the full moon then take a look at our LunarTic Rides series. They also start at midnight, feature wonderful countryside and great company. However they have an added feature. Road Vampires will be chasing you and you’ll need to out sprint the Swamp Zombies!  Click the image to find out about them.

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Saturday 25th October 2014 is the actual St Crispin's day!


We start at one minute past Midnight on Saturday 25th October 2014. So you ride through the early hours of Sunday morning and into the dawn. The finish is open until 4.00 pm on Sunday afternoon. So you have up to 17 hours to complete the ride.  As long as you can average six miles per hour, you’ll be fine.

The Distance


 It’s 100 miles, a long way but because the route is designed for vintage bikes and fixies it’s very do-able for the averagely fit rider. Once you’ve done it you’ll have joined the elite band of brothers who ridden 100 miles  in one day and you’ll have a Century certificate to prove it! So will you join this crazy bunch of English Ladies and Gentlemen who ride through the night and share the adventure, the wine and the tale with their friends? Or will you forever think yourself accursed?

2014 entries

 Entries will be open from 1st August 2014. Drop us an email here: and we’ll remind you.

Join in!

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Join our heroic endeavour!
Create a tale to tell your grandchildren.
“This ride I did upon
St Crispin’s Day!”

The Route

Specially designed route  for
Vintage, fixie and retro bikes.
There are no climbs over 5%
This is a heroic ride you can achieve!


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How do I?

Need to know about
Riding 100 miles
Keeping warm
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05 November


Pictures available!

Podium pictures are now available here: We are still working on the last few so please be patient if you’re not there.

25 October


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